How do you connect with an audience that is not even close to thinking about what you are trying to sell them?! Meet them where they are, where everyone is, adventure! I had the privilege of being assigned to a first ever attempt at UC Riverside reaching out to the local middle school students. My favorite part about this project was starting from scratch, a blank slate! My client, Undergraduate Admissions, came to our department with A LOT of information about why middle school students should start thinking about college, but had little to no restrictions on how the story should be told. I had recently gotten back from one of my many adventures in the wilderness and I had full creative liberty on this project, so I naturally connected the two! I was able to incorporate my own interpretation of our Mascot, Scotty – along with custom created fonts and pages of hand drawn doodles and illustrations. I absolutely loved creating a piece that hopefully helps guide kids into reading some very valuable information for their future. My favorite part of this project is the custom illustrations for the four paneled career inspiring baseball cards!